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StarCraft 2 beta coming in '09, on 'next-generation'

It's been over a decade since the original release but if you were betting on an aught nine release for StarCraft 2 (or one of the StarCraft 2s, as the case may be), you may only be half-right. While he wouldn't confirm what its "one frontline" release for 2009 will be (it's a grudge match between Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2), Blizzard's Paul Sams did say that a StarCraft 2 beta test would be "coming up in the months ahead" running on top of a "basic version" of a "new architecture."

Basic version? Maybe he just meant "free version." Regardless, Sams elaborated, "Over time, we'll be adding features to deliver a second-generation experience." With everything Blizzard seemingly gathering under the banner, we're eager to see what the guys in Irvine are cooking up.

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