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Aspen Media Products intros 2009 HTPC lineup, includes DIY model

Darren Murph

Aspen Media Products is probably even less known than the relatively unknown Okoro Media Systems, but it's hoping to break through somewhat with its stout 2009 HTPC lineup. The most interesting newcomer is unquestionably the AMP CL-1058DIY, which is supposedly aimed at the DIY crowd and starts at $949. For that, you get a chassis, a CableCARD tuner, optional 5.1 or 7.1 amplifier and freedom of choice when it comes to options such as processor, memory, storage and adding an additional CableCARD tuner. Think of it as partial barebones, we guess. The CL-1058BD (pictured) and CL-1058BDH are there for folks not looking to touch any silicon, and those can be ordered up right now starting at $1,049 and $1,349, respectively.

[Via Electronic House]

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