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Good to See You Again: New 'The Lost & Damned' trailer

Dust off those copies of Grand Theft Auto IV and get ready to join the Brotherhood. A brand new trailer for the upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive DLC, The Lost & Damned, has jumped online and features a few familiar faces. Notable cameos include drug runner Elizabeta Torres and GTA IV's main protagonist, Niko Bellic.

Based on the appearance of Torres and her dialog, The Lost & Damned will bring players back to the mission Blow Your Cover, from GTA IV. In the mission, Niko follows Playboy X and Johnny Klebitz (the protagonist in Lost & The Damned) to a heroin deal that eventually goes horribly wrong. Other moments from The Lost & Damned are said to weave into the original GTA IV story, where Johnny Klebitz was a supporting character during a pair of key missions.

GTA IV: The Lost & Damned will release on February 17, for 1600 ($19.99 US). The full trailer can be found after the break.

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