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Grab 108 friends to watch this new Suikoden: Tierkreis trailer


Konami's new trailer for Suikoden: Tierkreis does an excellent job of making the handheld RPG look epic and exciting, mixing dynamic animated scenes with in-game battle footage -- even if the narrator does totally murder the pronunciation of the title.

The accompanying press release offers a bit more detail about the unique online mode in the sequel. Players will be able to visit other players' games via Wi-Fi, using the in-game "door to the Infinity." They can then be hired by their host players to help with quests, dividing up the experience at the end.

Konami calls the game "the fight of your life," but the company has the fight of its life coming up March 17, when it releases Tierkreis in North America on the RPG-overloaded DS.

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