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Jaffe loves Indiana Jones, wants Lucas to toss him the whip

Dustin Burg

Known for his adoration of the Indiana Jones franchise, Eat Sleep Play developer David Jaffe recently admitted that the adventurous Indy was a huge inspiration for his God of War work, and that he'd be willing to partner with LucasArts on an Indiana Jones project.

"There was, and will always remain until I get to do it, a desire to work with Indiana Jones in the interactive medium," Jaffe said in an interview with 1UP. "I would still to this day love to do that." Though not much more than a dream at this point, the designer has a plan hidden under his own fedora. "I have a great idea for how LucasArts could really take that property and do cool things with it, and if they're reading this, they should give us a call at Eat Sleep Play. We'd love to talk to them."

We'd just like to say that we're with you, Jaffe. Call up those LucasArts folks, demand a meeting and pitch your heart out. While you're at it, follow your dreams and go after the Metal Gear franchise too. We've got your back.

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