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Jeff Kaplan leaving World of Warcraft for next-gen Blizzard MMO

Kyle Horner

Big news is coming out of Blizzard today as Jeffrey Kaplan, lead designer on World of Warcraft, is moving onto the company's next-gen MMO full-time. His announcement was made via a personal post on the official forums, and included a promise to both play and stay involved with WoW while leaving the day-to-day responsibilities to Tom Chilton and J. Allen Brack.

Kaplan has definitely been involved with the project before now, but we can't stop from wondering whether this is a sign of development ramping up in a big way for Blizzard's sophomore MMO effort, because you don't move over the main dude working on your biggest property unless it's time to kick it up several notches.

And what does this mean for the next expansion in terms of direction and overall design philosophy? Well, knowing Blizzard we won't see a drop in quality, but with a changing of the guard there's always a chance for new directions to be taken.

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