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Pray that Prey on iPhone is solid


Wall-walking sci-fi shooter Prey is set to blast away on the iPhone. IGN reveals that the title, based on the shooter for Xbox 360 and PC, is set to be released on the App Store in the "next few weeks." There's no shortage of experimentation going on with iPhone software at the moment, so perhaps there's room for first-person shooters to bring in the hardcore.

Developer MachineWorks uses an "on-screen virtual analog stick" for players to control protagonist Tommy's actions, with on-screen "buttons" to shoot and use powers. A nice touch is that all the buttons are movable, so gamers can properly position them for maximum alien carnage efficiency. There's also various levels of transparency for the controls, so that you can have it just out of site and not cluttering your HUD. Look for Prey on iPhone it In when the title becomes available.

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