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WoW Moviewatch: Tradition of the Sith


This movie -- or one like it -- was inevitable. I am, in fact, shocked that it hadn't come about before now. This was a hole in the world of WoW machinima, one which Bullshitmaster has stepped forward to fill. He has created this short, wonderful piece revealing a simple thing. It is the Tradition of the Sith.

If you're looking for deep story or meaningful prose, this ain't the movie for you. If, however, you're interested in seeing a pair of Undead Sith undergo the ancient rite of passage, this is totally the way to go. To sum up, in every Sith's lifetime, the student must slay the master. That's how you become the master, you see. You kill the old master. That makes you the top dog.

Most of the music and soundtrack come from somewhere else, but it's all brought together very well for the "Tradition of the Sith." I'm especially impressed with how well BSM blended the lightsabers into the scenery. I didn't feel like it was some weird mash-up. The visual portions all actually worked very well together.

Check it out, and enjoy a little bit of Star Wars in your Azeroth.

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