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Archerfish home security camera system does video analysis for you

Nilay Patel

Internet-enabled security cameras are nothing new, but Cernium's Archerfish system mixes in some smart video-analysis software and Sling-style placeshifting to make monitoring your home from afar a little easier. Up to four cameras can feed 352 x 240 resolution video into the $1000 box, which contains a TI DaVinci chip powerful enough to intelligently analyze the video for people and vehicles, encode it to H.264, and send it to wherever you are, along with text and email alerts if so desired. Of course, it wouldn't be 2009 if there wasn't a monthly fee for cloud-based hosting, and Archerfish is no exception -- you don't log in to your own box, you have to shell out $20/mo to access the MyArcherfish dashboard to review your footage. Of course. It's all on sale soon, including a $1,500 two camera bundle.

[Via Zatz Not Funny!]

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