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Digicel launching ZTE's Coral-200-Solar phone in emerging markets

Chris Ziegler

It may not have the glam or the flash of the Samsung Blue Earth, but ZTE's Coral-200-Solar takes solar power to a side of the market that needs it far, far more urgently -- the side without power outlets. The Chinese manufacturer is teaming up with Jamaica's Digicel Group to roll out one of the world's first mass-market solar cellphones to folks with "limited or no access to the power grid," which represents some 2 billion people around the globe. The phone gets its juice via an integrated solar charger -- that is, there's still a battery lurking in there, you just don't need an outlet to charge it -- and should be available by June of this year. Pretty amazing world we live in where people have mobiles before they have power, isn't it?

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