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Jumpin' Jehosephat, we're three!

Chris Ziegler

Three years ago, mobile phones were but a twinkle in a handful of Motorola and Bell Labs engineers' eyes. The United States was steeped in civil war, Napoleon Bonaparte was gallivanting through Europe, and Julius Caesar had just been brutally betrayed by his most trusted comrades. Yes, it was a crazy time to be alive -- so crazy, in fact, that our dear parents at Engadget saw fit to spin off the choicest, juiciest cuts of phone news into a site to call their own. That site, of course, was Engadget Mobile -- and to this very day, our goal and mission is as clear and unwavering as it ever has been: keep you in the know.

Here's the thing, though: we know that we'd be nothing without you, our dear readers. You build us up, tear us down, keep us in check, and tip us with some seriously good stuff. That kind of dedication shouldn't go unappreciated, you know? So, on that note, we want to give out a really cool phone -- read on!

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When we ran that Curve 8900 review a couple weeks back, we were taken aback by the number of people writing in to ask what kind of phone was pictured to the right of the Curve in our lead-off image. Well, we can tell you that it's an HTC S740 -- and we can also tell you that it could be yours.

To get a shot at winning, simply obey:
  • Leave a comment below. We'll be picking a winner through a scientific, complicated, completely classified process that ultimately results in a random selection.
  • You may only enter this specific giveaway once. If you enter this giveaway more than once you'll be automatically disqualified, etc. (Yes, we have robots that thoroughly check to ensure fairness.)
  • If you enter more than once, only activate one comment. This is pretty self explanatory. Just be careful and you'll be fine.
  • Contest is open to anyone in the 50 States, 18 or older! Sorry, we don't make this rule (we hate excluding anyone), so be mad at our lawyers or US contest laws if you have to be mad.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly.
  • Entries can be submitted until 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on February 20, 2008. After that we're all done. Good luck!
  • Full rules can be found here.
Special thanks to HTC!

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