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Metropolitan Opera makes its HD productions free to select K-12 schools

Steven Kim

You just know that if times are tough for consumer electronics, they're really bleak for public schools. With that in mind, we're calling out the bright spot that is The Metropolitan Opera's "HD Live in Schools" program that since January 10th has been making its movie theater productions (in HD, naturally) of Met performances free to students, parents and teachers across 18 schools in 13 states. Better still, The Met plans on expanding the program to 180 schools across the US. Now we know that it's not every K-12 schooler that will appreciate opera, but the opportunity to take in some premium HD content for free is pretty sweet if you ask us; any students that get turned on to HD, opera or music in general are bonus. If nothing else, this has got to beat writing a report on what makes the A-B-B-A song form so darn catchy, right?

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