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Motorola's QA4, VE66LX, and QA1 dash onto the scene, rumor-style


Yeah, wow's the word from Mototrola as they purportedly prepare to release the good (right), the fat (you guess), and the gaudy as the QA1, QA4, and VE66LX. Of course we don't have much of anything in the way of specs -- on any of them -- but the QA1 is obviously an EV-DO set with a fairly big 2.8-inch touchscreen, the VE66LX, a gilded and gaudy take on the VE66, and the QA4? Well, it looks huge, and we'd guess it rotates rather than slides and judging by the branding all over it, is coming to AT&T. Hopefully more word soon on these three, though we've honestly no clue when that might take place.

[Thanks, robin of loxley]

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