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Phat Loot Phriday: Titan-forged Leather Helm of Triumph

Mike Schramm

We don't usually cover PvP items that much (for a number of reasons), but when you compare cost vs. reward, this helm is one of the best.

Name: Titan-forged Leather Helm of Triumph (Wowhead, Thottbot, Armory)
Type: Epic Leather Helm (see below)
Armor: 458
  • +73 Agility, +103 Stamina
  • A meta and a red socket, with a socket bonus of +8 crit rating

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  • Improves resilience by 59, attack power by 58, and armor penetration by 44
  • This is a nice helm for Rogues, but it's especially nice for Druid feral tanks -- considering that they stack Agility, it even rivals the Tier 7 helm of theirs. Thanks to David of the People in Chicago who Drink and WoW group for pointing this out to me the other night.
  • Since this is a PvP helm, there are actually versions for every class out there. Not all of them are probably as good comparatively as the Feral Druid version, but given the ease of getting these (and the relatively low amount of items you can get in Wintergrasp, it's worth checking out if you need a helm or boot upgrade).
How to Get It: Yes, these are Wintergrasp items -- they were added in as of 3.0.8 to beef up the selection from Wintergrasp Marks of Honor. So yes, you've got to get together 40 of those things to get yourself a helm. Which sounds like a lot (you have to rank up to the second rank while playing in Wintergrasp -- about ten honorable kills -- and then win to get three Marks of Honor, or lose to get just one), it actually goes pretty quickly as long as you run to the Lake whenever the battle is on. About 14 fights (so one per day for two weeks, or just one week if you catch a few battles on the weekend), and you'll have a very nice helm. Plus, Wintergrasp is a good time anyway -- you'll have the marks before you know it.

And even if you don't want to PvP, I figured we'd do this item this week as a lesson: there are tons of ways to get lots of great gear in the game today. Back in the day, there was just one way to pick up epics: raid with a group of 40 people and beat your head against the wall until you won a roll (and then do that about 10 more times for the rest of your gear). Nowadays, there's PvP gear, rep gear, battlegrounds gear, Arena gear, Heroics, raiding, Stone Keeper's Shards, Badge gear, and so on and so on. Just because you can't get a group of 10 or 25 people together doesn't mean you can't have awesome gear: poke around, do some research (or just stay tuned here), and pretty soon you'll find a rep piece you can easily upgrade to or a piece like this that you can get with just a little effort without ever joining a raid group.

Getting Rid of It: Finally got that T7 helm, eh? You can't resell this one back to vendors, and it doesn't disenchant, either. So you can keep it (as a memory of your time spent defending the great walls of Wintergrasp), or just trash it -- type "DELETE" into the little box and say goodbye.

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