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Resident Evil 5 producer wants more Evil on Wii


Speaking to Eurogamer, Resident Evil 5 producer Masachika Kawata intimated that he'd like to see more of Resident Evil on Nintendo's waggling financial giant. Said Kawata, "Personally, I would like to create something on Wii in the Resident Evil family." He further stated that the team doesn't know what it would be, as it's been hard at work on Resident Evil 5, but asked gamers to "watch this space." Thus far, staring at our computer monitor has resulted in nothing but eyestrain.

Kawata also spoke briefly to concerns raised about Resident Evil 5's control scheme, saying that the team "reflected" on the control scheme for some time. While Kawata expects some may dislike the controls, he -- and the team -- believe it "does not reflect negatively on the game as a whole," but is instead "part of a forward-looking process." Kawata hopes that even those who dislike the controls will enjoy the overall product.

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