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Rumor: Pure devs tease new racing game [update]

Jason Dobson

With off-road racing suitably redefined, Pure dev Blackrock looks to be taking its show on the road. A new viral video seemingly for the studio's next project has pulled out onto the internet, teasing street racing, crashes and more than a passing resemblance to Burnout Paradise. In fact, assuming the video itself was posted by Blackrock, the fact that it is tagged with both "burnout" and "paradise" seems to indicate that the former Climax Racing studio is looking to Criterion's open-world racer as a template for its next sprint to the finish line.

Nothing else is known, though the brief glimpse concludes, "To Be Continued March 11, 2009," leaving us time to run to the concession stand for popcorn before finding out more.

Update: This is no longer a rumor, folks -- check it out.

[Thanks, Chris]

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