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Sprint's BlackBerry 8350i firmware update fixes boatload of issues

Chris Ziegler

Sprint has released a shiny new build of BlackBerry OS 4.6 for its 8350i on Nextel --, to be exact -- and let's just put it this way: if you have this phone, you want this update. By all accounts, it appears to directly address a bunch of major issues that have been affecting early adopters, including blank screens, missing songs, and MMSes that end up getting delayed into oblivion. Good things to get fixed, yeah? Follow the break for the full changelog straight from Sprint.

MMS Issues: Not receiving messages, missing messages and delays.

Commercial Location Services

NXTl: Device may lose data connectivity show status NXTl not NXTL.

Blank Screen: Device screen loses all information and goes blank.

Multiple IP address issue

Media Missing Audio Tracks: After adding multiple albums by a same artist to device, the songs might not appear as expected when searching by artist first then album, all tracks may not show up. This is only occurring when multiple albums present by same artist.

Direct Connect Audio: While in a Direct Connect call, when toggling between speakerphone and handset audio, there is no visual indication as to whether speakerphone or handset as the audio mode setting has been selected. However, it can be audibly determined.

Direct Connect/Direct Send My Contact Device Reset: If the device is reset, the customer might lose all unsaved Direct Send contact messages from the Direct Send mailbox.

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