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Street Fighter IV sells 86k copies first day in Japan, Capcom says it's sold out

Man. Wow. We totally thought this one was going to be a clunker. Seriously, we gave the classic series appropriate fanfare whenever we received any news regarding it, but we were just doing it out of respect. We never thought that the Japanese game consuming populous would snatch up 86,000 copies of Street Fighter IV on its launch day alone. We were thinking it'd be more like a few hundy, maybe a thou by the weekend.

Capcom seems to be just as surprised as we are -- a community manager for the company recently reported that they were "overwhelmed by demand", and that the game had completely sold out in Japan. The only copies within the country's confines rest in a few boxes in Capcom's basement -- they'll apparently be sent out to retailers on Monday, and then snatched up with avarice usually associated with Turboman dolls.

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