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Vehicles, 200 weapons and hospitalized writers in Champions Online

Kyle Horner

All right, so maybe the 200 mundane weapons available in Champions Online won't fit into a vehicle -- but it makes for some startling imagery. Unfortunately, according to the panel which took place last weekend at the New York Comic-con, Champions Online is unlikely to launch with drivable wheels of steel or any other form of bodacious transportation. But don't feel like all is lost, because Cryptic was quick mention that situation would be remedied soon after CO-day.

(Everyone calls launch day CO-day, right?)

John Layman, the kind and quirky Champions Online writer, had plenty to say about how much he wrote. Apparently the man locked himself away in a room and was sustained via comics, game updates and snack packs. At least this is our assumption when we found out he wrote 29 pages of content for a single segment of one neighborhood in one zone. At least John is able to chat with Steve Long (writer of the table-top RPG) to coordinate between the next book and Cryptic's MMO version.

As for other bits of less news-like things -- but otherwise entertaining -- Bill Roper's final word on how the game was originally built around Marvel before being switched over to the Champions table-top IP were, "Marvel Shmarvel" Incidentally, Marvel announced a new paste spread by the very same name this weekend. At least, they did in our twisted minds.

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