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WRUP: Love Is in the Air edition


It'd be quicker to count the number of WoW Insider staffers who aren't working on Love Is in the Air achievements this weekend than to count those that are. (And if you're interested in becoming a Fool for Love, too, check out our guide to earning the Love is In the Air meta-achievement.) Though there are a couple of hold-outs doing something called "raiding" or "real life" this weekend, holiday-mania seems to hold sway. If you're interested in knowing what sort of trouble the WoW Insider team is getting into this weekend -- or want to tell us what sort of trouble you're getting into this weekend -- read on!

Adam Holisky: Love is in Air in casa del Holisky. /dnd.
Allison Robert: Probably some farming for Ulduar -- I'd like a nice stockpile sitting on an alt so that I'm covered for the days when farm time's not gonna happen. My guild was also kicking around the idea of revisiting Sunwell for fun.
Amanda Dean: I'm going to finish leveling my RAF hunter to 60 and hit up Naxx 10 with my guildies. I'll probably send out Valentines on Saturday, because I'm just like that.
Amanda Miller: I will also be working on the achievements, and hoping for the pet. We finished all of our raiding during the week, so I'll have plenty of time. I'll also have to schedule in a bout of worm killing and herbing fun.
Daniel Whitcomb: I'll be finishing up the Love is in the Air achievements. Right now, I need more Love Rockets and a Troll Rogue to shower with petals. I'm also going to continue grabbing gifts of Adoration in hopes of getting a perma-Kwee. In non-Holiday related stuff, I'm hoping to continue grinding dungeons for Kirin Tor and Argent Crusade reputation, both of which are dangerously close to exalted. Loken's the last heroic 5-man boss I need for Champion of the Frozen Wastes, so I'm probably going to see if I can get a Heroic halls of Lightning group together as well.
Dan O'Halloran: I know I've said for the last three weeks that I'm going to finish off 79 and hit 80 on my Druid, but I really need to do it this weekend to get the Love Is In The Air achievement. Only four bubbles of experience to go!
Elizabeth Harper: Hunting the illusive bag of candy to finish off the Fool for Love achievement. And if I miraculously manage to finish that, some PvP aimed at picking up the PvP mounts. (100 mounts, here I come!)
Elizabeth Wachowski: Mass Effect, because I'm about two years behind the curve.
Jennie Lees: Hoping to find time to complete Fool for Love, but most likely failing due to RL this weekend. And I still haven't leveled Herbalism.
Lisa Poisso: A brand new alt, along with a few friends and family.
Matthew Rossi: More Sarth, then working Horde side.
Matt Low: I'll be working on the LITA achievements. Other than that, it'll be quiet on the gaming front.
Michael Gray: Love is also in the air at the Gray Household. Love, fish, and everything in between.
Michael Sacco: Sarth+3 with the guild on my newly 80 (and epicced-out) elemental shaman. LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT!
Zach Yonzon: Getting two Battleground masteries. Maybe a third if I get the time. But two down for sure.

And, of course, what everyone is waiting for: Top Ten Things BRK is Doing This Weekend!

10. Cleaning out his WoW Insider digs, ninjaing a few pieces of office equipment, putting that folder of Dan's I totally swore I didn't take in the shredder, and making a DVD-backup of the dwarf pr0n.
9. Logitech G13 is in da house! Stocking up on pain-relievers as I try to de-program my fingers.
8. Laugh as people rush to complete another set of holiday achievements,leaving me free to jack up the prices on raid-mats on the AH.
7. Kick myself again for buying a 9000 gold Nobles deck an hour after the Darkemoon Faire closed last week.
6. Try to sell a Nobles deck for 13,000 gold.
5. BM-spec pet-testing at the target dummies. Moth is no-go, so it's time to get a Devilsaur again. Try not to let the thing piss off the melee-classes like the LSD Wasp of Doom did.
4. Mrs. BRK is going to Connecticut for four months starting Sunday, so it's time to interview Tempwives. They're like Entwives, but with fewer leaves.
3. Hire a band to sing the song someone emailed me about Hunters.
2. Put the "BigRedKitty WoW Insider Content Scraper" back online, baby!
1. I didn't get a Turpster-approved WoW-authenticator, so I guess it's time to start doing drugs...

So, folks, what are you playing this weekend?

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