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Virtua Tennis 2009 also coming to Wii

When Sega announced nine days ago that they'd be releasing another installment in their decade-old tennis franchise, aptly titled Virtua Tennis 2009, we thought they'd made a typo when revealing the systems the game would be gracing. You're telling us that a sport whose main interactive mechanic involves the deft swinging of a handheld object isn't getting the Wii treatment? Sega, are you pot-high?

The fog of confusion has apparently lifted -- in a recent press release, Sega revealed that Virtua Tennis 2009 will, in fact, be coming to the Wii, bringing with it the roster and features from the 360, PS3 and PC versions of the title. These features include online play, and casual "Court Games" minigames that should go over swimmingly at Wii-based family functions. It will also share the May release window with the other versions of the game, bringing it to store shelves just in time for tennis season, if such a thing actually exists.

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