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Inductive coupling slashes SSD power consumption

Darren Murph

While HDD vendors are still pushing areal density limits, SSD manufacturers seem to be kicking back and soaking in the profits associated with a cutting edge technology. Unsatisfied with the lack of innovation in the space, a team from Keio University has developed an inductive coupling wireless communication technology, which is used within a solid state drive composed of "three-dimensionally layered 64 NAND flash memory chips." The development is being highlighted at ISSCC 2009, and it's bruited that drives constructed using this tech can operate with 50 percent less power compared to traditional SSDs. Additionally, the wireless communication that goes on enables the amount of wires within to be cut down significantly (from 1,500 to 200 in one example). We can only imagine that those involved with the process are pushing hard to get it implemented by SSD makers, and while we're still looking for overall prices to drop before we start focusing on anything else, we'll certainly take a performance boost (and energy savings) while they're at it.

[Via HotHardware]

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