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International HD news roundup

Darren Murph

Here at Engadget HD, we'd prefer not to just focus on high-def happenings in the US of A. Thus, we round up the best of the best from the international front each week and present it here, bundled together in a single, easy to digest list. If something went down in your corner of the globe over the past seven days, let the rest of the world know it in comments. 'Til next week, adiós!

Read - Digital boost for UPC Czech
Read - Vecima Supports New HDTV Services for Major MSO
Read - Freeview - the great Aussie TV swindle?
Read - New Sky+ HD software coming soon
Read - More IPTV for Poland
Read - UK Capital To Begin HD Terrestrial Tests
Read - UTS Curaçao Delivers More High Definition Programming
Read - Fashion TV's HD Service Chooses AsiaSat 2
Read - AliantTV launches HD PVR
Read - UK Odeon cinemas to get true 3D projection
Read - 28% of Broadband Households in Western Europe Watch Online TV Monthly
Read - Philips launches the second generation Aurea LCD TV range
Read - Sky HD boxes self-destructing, getting replaced
Read - Cogeco Cable Launches Sportsnet East HD in Quebec

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