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Codemasters wants you to name your baby 'Jason'

Hey, parents-to-be currently living in the U.K. -- have we got a sweet deal for you. We know you're probably excited for the arrival of your bouncing bundle of joy, but if you're nearing your highly anticipated due date, you've probably begun to wonder how you can use this whole "pregnancy" situation for your own personal gain (short of ... well, you know). Ponder no longer -- Codemasters, in a near inappropriate display of eccentric gusto, has a way for you to turn your brood into a glorified raffle ticket: Just christen the little guy with the name "Jason".

Whilst working on last year's Rise of the Argonauts, Codemasters made the shocking discovery that "Jason" (like, of the Argonauts) had slipped from the U.K.'s top 50 most popular baby names, overtaken by "Jack," "Oliver" and "Sir Pumphrey Poncington of Yorkshire." To restore the Jason population, the publisher has begun the "Bring Back Jason" campaign, in which expecting parents send in the birth certificates of their newborn Jasons for a chance to win "a year's supply" of Codemasters games. Awesome. Anyone want us to get them pregnant? We'll totally go halfsies with you.

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