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Cool Stuff for Monday (aka the post-Valentine's Edition)


Monday is totally the new Sunday. Okay, we're lying. Valentine's Day got the best of this blogger, and now this feature comes in one day late. (But hey, it's a holiday today, here in the States.) We start this feature with a bloody, "homicide" themed modded PS3 from Jerry Thampan. Check out more pics here. [Thanks, Roland!]

More Noby Noby Boy (it still doesn't make sense)
Noby Noby Boy hits the PlayStation Store this Thursday, and this video preview doesn't really help at all. We do know it will be quirky, and we're certainly going to pick it up when it releases.

First footage of Supercar Challenge
This PS3-exclusive follow up to Ferrari Challenge is looking somewhat impressive. The visuals look solid, and for car nuts that are still waiting for Gran Turismo 5, this may be able to satiate their desires.

God of War III trailer analysis
Did you notice everything the God of War III trailer has to offer? See the 1UP video crew break down the trailer, adding new insights you may have missed.

PSP: Prinny has an adventure
Prinny is coming to PSP this week -- and now, he's getting ready for an adventure! See this adorable sketch starring a costumed Prinny.

Weekly Trophy Portal update

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