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Google warms to location-based apps with My Tracks, new Gmail signatures

Darren Murph

As if the addition of TeleNav GPS to the T-Mobile G1 wasn't evidence enough, Google is totally into exploiting the GPS capabilities of its Android-based handsets. First up is My Tracks, which quite simply "records tracks of outdoor activities using the phone's built-in GPS." From there, it shows the data points on a map and presents live statistics (which even includes an elevation profile); obviously, sharing said routes is a lesson in simplicity thanks to Google Maps and Google Docs. Next up are location-based Gmail signatures, which oddly enough, use your IP address in order to append a current location to your sent emails. Granted, this approach is better than nothing, but there's certainly the chance of it missing your real whereabouts by a town or three. At any rate, feel free to dig into both in the read links below.

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