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Indie iPhone dev makes half-a-mil, we question our career choices

Dear Whoever is in charge of this sinking ship,

This games journalism thing has been great, really it has, but word around the campfire says iPhone development is the wave of the future. So, with dreams of owning my own "dive-able" pit of money, like Scrooge McDuck, I'm totally outta here. You can't be surprised. Ethan Nicholas is just one of the developers rolling fat wads of dough after releasing the game iShoot, which was demoed by over 2.4 million users and shot to the top of the most purchased games list when he released a free trial version, iShootLite.

According to Nicholas, he earned $37,000 in a single day with tiny iMoneyMachine. Do you have any idea how many news posts (and lolcats) that is? Right now, iShoot hovers within the Top Ten games on the iTunes App Store -- a store made up of about 20,000 applications -- and Nicholas thinks the small tank artillery game will make him a millionaire by years end.

Now, I don't know anything about programing on iPhone -- nor do I have the patience to read a bunch of online FAQs to learn how, like Nicolas did -- but my plan is pretty solid: 1) Kidnap iPhone developers 2) Steal their ideas 3) ??? 4) PROFIT. Peace out, suckers!

Xav de Matos

P.S. If this developer thing doesn't work out, disregard this email and I'll see you at work in the morning.

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