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Pioneer exec touches on exit from plasma business

Darren Murph

Yeah, it seems like hopping off of the plasma bandwagon is the thing to be doing right now, but Pioneer's exit is startling in more than a few ways. For starters, the company has been pushing its KURO line as the PDP set to get for years, and by and large, it actually has been the best around. It's one thing to leave a market you aren't winning -- it's another entirely to drop off while you're on top. Bruce Schepers, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Pioneer Canada, sat down to speak on the departure with Marketnews. Granted, most of his conversation centered around that fact that no other parts of the company's businesses would be shrinking or vanishing, though he did mention that Pioneer would have ninth generation product "up until summer." He also affirmed that support wouldn't be waning for its heralded receivers and Blu-ray players, and that Sharp was a likely candidate for an optical-based joint venture. For the whole interview, give the read link a look.

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