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Rumor: Virtua Tennis 2009 for Wii to support WiiMotion Plus

Jason Dobson

Sega may be soon walking onto the court with an extra spring in its step, as TechRadar UK reports that the recently announced Wii version of Virtua Tennis 2009 will ship with support for WiiMotion Plus. Citing an anonymous source, the site writes that the game will be among the first third-party titles to support the new controller tech, which promises to boost the Wii remote's sensitivity to motion. We remain interested in seeing what developers do with WiiMotion Plus once it's introduced, though Sega has yet to announce any plans for supporting the souped-up controls when Virtua Tennis hits a backspin for retail in May.

As an aside, the rumor comes just as '80s tennis crybaby John McEnroe celebrates surviving half a century, his ball striking the white line of the Wii's target demographic. If any extra-sensitive waggle does make its way into Virtua Tennis 2009, we advise keeping your distance should McEnroe stop by for a quick tantrum game of doubles.

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