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Sony brings BRAVIA Engine 3, AppliCast on-screen widgets to HDTV lineup

Ross Miller

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Far be it for us to judge the decisions of a huge corporation and its ad campaign, but Sony announcing a new line of BRAVIA HDTVs while the vast majority of the consumer electronics industry is intently focused on cellphones in Barcelona seems a bit peculiar. For those who need a break from MWC 2009 shenanigans, we've got 19 new hi-def havens here, spanning 6 different models: WE5, W5500, E5500, E5300, V5500, and S5500. Boasted features include BRAVIA Engine 3 with 100Hz Motionflow and Image Blur Reduction for smoother images, a widget-rich on-screen AppliCast that gives you basic internet-on-TV functionality, DLNA for streaming media from a computer, and Sony's Xross Media Bar (XMB). Not every model here boasts all the new technology -- you'll have to invest in the V5500 (pictured, background) for the full experience. Sony boasts its 2009 LCD lineup is its "greenest ever," with most models carrying the "EU Flower" eco-friendly label from the European Commission, and not to worry, even some of the most coveted sets here carry the green mark. Hit up the read link for full specs.

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