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Swords & Soldiers: now with Morefun


How many games task players with defending "their freakishly large pepper?" Not enough, that's how many. Won't someone please think of the freakishly large pepper? We knew that Ronimo Games' Swords & Soldiers, the 2D side-scrolling strategy game, was very pretty, and very funny, but it wasn't until this latest trailer and its press release that we knew just how wonderfully weird it is.

The press release names, among the strategy game's features, "historical inaccuracy" and "Morefun™," which is described as "Ronimo's patent pending version of fun that makes games interesting and enjoyable to play. Imagine playing a game, that at the same time is actually fun. Powerful stuff."

Swords & Soldiers could be out as soon as this month, but we wouldn't bet our freakishly large peppers on it. It's already been delayed once, and that vague "early 2009" at the end of the trailer isn't promising.

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