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Too much cellphone news on Engadget?


You may be surprised to learn this, but we're currently at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, which is basically the CES of cellphone shows. We've seen a handful of emails from confused readers who didn't understand why the site was stacked from floor to ceiling with cellphone news -- and we wanted to clear things up. We're not just covering the news because there's a tradeshow going on, of course. There are some huge stories breaking at MWC, and we'd be remiss in our duties if we didn't cover every single one of them. Now, some of you may ask why we don't just carry the news on Engadget Mobile; the simple answer is that we are covering the news on Engadget Mobile, but the stuff that we feel has crossover relevance and appeal (which happens to be a lot this year) ends up on Engadget Classic as well. If you can't handle the insane and awesome torrent of phone-related news, you can subscribe to a special feed we've set up with Yahoo! Pipes which axes our MWC stories, but to be frank, you'll be missing a lot of really cool gadget news. Hey, it's your call.

Engadget Classic without any MWC news - RSS feed, Pipes page
Engadget Classic with only MWC news - RSS feed

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