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ESA exec: E3 2009 to bring back 'glamour' and 'sizzle'

We've turned such phrases as "rich with spectacle," "booth babier" and "circus sideshow" when describing the extravagant elements of E3, which will be making a reemergence in E3 2009, but we feel that ESA senior director of communications Dan Hewitt aptly summed up the spirit of this year's illustrious trade show with a conciseness we've yet to muster: E3 2009 will welcome back the decidedly absent "glamour, sizzle and excitement" of Expos preceding the professionalization of the annual event in 2007.

That's not to say we'll see a return of the "over-the-top excess" that personified E3 2006, resulting in a gargantuan price tag for the event -- Hewitt says we can expect to see elements from the gaudy earlier years combined with the no-nonsensical attitude which characterized the event in '07 and '08. In other words, there will be copious amounts of booth babes, but they'll be adhering to a strict dress code of conservatively tailored three-piece suits.

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