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Hannuri Biz offers up Nurian TX-3 PMP / e-dictionary combo

Darren Murph

Hannuri Biz already delivered that one-two punch with its FX1, but the long awaited successor (TX-3) has finally hit the scene. Launched over in its home nation of South Korea, this PMP / e-dictionary hybrid boasts a 4-inch touchscreen (480 x 272), an SDHC expansion slot, 1,050mAh rechargeable battery, USB connectivity, a voice recorder, e-book reader, support for MP3 and video files, a PDF viewer and an FM tuner to boot. In case that's not varied enough, there's also the obligatory dictionary, which includes 14 volumes in 13 different languages. For jetsetters, the ???319,000 ($227) asking price is surely reasonable, but for everyone else, we'd say a lower priced, monolingual media player would likely suffice.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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