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Age of Conan launches new patch, introduces Xibaluku


By Crom indeed! A literal tidal wave of patch notes has hit the Age of Conan boards this morning, giving all of the gritty details of Conan's next major patch.

Of special note in this patch are all of the new dungeons being added to the game for high level players and mid level players alike. Xibaluku, which you may remember us mentioning before, is launching with this patch. This dungeon is targeted towards level 80 endgame raiders, but can only be accessed by performing a prerequisite quest chain that sends the player through another brand new area, The Slaughterhouse Cellar. The Cellar is a single player instance, so be warned that you can't take your friends on casual decapitation fests through the opening quest chain.

If you don't feel like going to run Xibaluku, then you can make your way over to Black Ring Citadel and challenge those evil dark sorcerers to the new third wing of their dungeon.

Players in the area of level 43 will be happy to know that the Cradle of Decay is a brand new dungeon added just for them. If you're looking for the entrance, just stop by the Fields of the Dead and you should be able to find it.

All of the above is just a small sample of what's been included in this patch. For the full, 4 post long set of patch notes, check them out on the Conan forums.

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