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Android Market allows returns, but not sexy stuff

Tim Stevens

Not content to let Apple be the only one having fun banning racy apps that might scar the fragile minds of its users, Google is apparently looking to get in on the action with its Android Market. The company has confirmed that no graphic sexual content will be allowed, nor anything that encourages violence or hate speech. That's bad news for those who like bad apps, but the good news is that if you find something you've downloaded to be just a little too mainstream for your edgy tastes you'll have 24 hours to return it. Keep your download and unlimited reinstalls will be at your disposal, but Google maintains the right to forcefully remove an app from your device whenever it feels like it -- pledging to do its best to get you a refund. Finally, there will be no upgrades provided through the Android Market, meaning you'll rather unfortunately need to get them through some other, less secure means.

[Via IntoMobile]

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