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Dream of Mirror Online takes it all the way to 64 in their new patch


Most games choose to stop their leveling content at round numbers, like 60, or 70, or 80. Dream of Mirror Online, however, doesn't feel bound by those limitations. They're pushing their content all the way to level 64, and we can't blame them. We've always felt that 64 was a good number that brings back good memories. 64-bit game consoles, Nintendo 64, GoldenEye...

We see what they did there. They wanted to bring back our fond memories of GoldenEye as we played their game.

Anyway, today's patch adds two new major quests to the game, as well as a few new items for everyone to collect. We're looking forward to grabbing the samurai goodie bags ourselves. If you're interested in getting access to level up to 64, then talk to the Tiger Demon in Eversun suburbs. Once that quest is completed, your character will have access to level up to the brand new cap of 64!

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