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DSiWare Katamari Damacy puzzler, DSiWare/WiiWare Mr. Driller in Japan soon


The latest issue of Famitsu reveals two new titles for Japan's DSiWare download service, both from Namco Bandai. Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy is a falling-block puzzle game starring the cast of Namco's classic rolling-stuff-up game, seemingly involving animals between the blocks and a black hole in the distance. In classic Katamari style, we have no idea. But it says Katamari Damacy in the title, so we're inclined to FREAK OUT -- while also being a bit sad about the milking of the series. Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy will be out in Japan on March 25 for 500 Nintendo Points.

In more easily-accessible news, Famitsu also revealed two more Mr. Driller games. Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits was Namco's first DS game; now the company is returning to the well for its inaugural DSiWare title, and throwing in a WiiWare version as well! Mr. Driller for DSiWare (whose full title we can't read in the Famitsu scan) includes a mission mode, time attack, and a Dristone mode, featuring less oxygen to pick up, and more special powerup items around the stage. This mode was removed from the North American release of Drill Spirits. The game comes out in Japan next Wednesday for 800 Points!

Mr. Driller World looks like a basic implementation of Mr. Driller on WiiWare, with a tutorial mode and some kind of "simple" play -- possibly a new control scheme. It'll be out Tuesday in Japan, also for 800 Points.

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