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F2P Earth Eternal gears up for 2009 launch

Shawn Schuster

Here at Massively, we understand that free-to-play games are gaining in popularity lately. This is a trend that might just rise before it ever fades away. The business model of F2P makes sense to some (not all), and the icing on the cake for a casual player is a browser-based environment. Marry the two and you have games like RuneScape, but what if you're looking for something more... updated?

Enter Earth Eternal. We haven't heard anything from the Earth Eternal team in awhile, but this game seems to have a lot to offer for a "younger" or more casual audience, in addition to escaping the tired old tradition of having humans as the main playable character. Although the game is not yet ready for prime-time, you can monitor its development over at their gorgeous new website. There's a video trailer, some screenshots, brand new forums and more to enjoy.

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