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Guildwatch: Leave Tankserious alone

Mike Schramm

No classier way to /gquit than that, really -- have a power outage in the middle of a raid, and then return just to tell everybody that you're gone forever. Good luck with that whole "life" thing -- tell us how it turns out.

Lots more drama, downed, and recruiting news in this week's Guildwatch. Who knows: your guild (or server) might even be in here. Click the link below to find out.


  • The largest guild on Azjol-Nerub, Silent Crusaders, had a little falling out after taking down Kel'thuzad in 25-man Naxx the other week. Five officers and 10 core raiders jumped ship, saying that the GL had ignored them and treated them as the way to get geared. Things were pretty uneventful -- until, we hear, the GL of SC accused the new guild, Epic Fail, of poaching raiders. EF says everyone they have came on their own -- and they're now recruiting for more serious raiders.
  • The /gquit above happened in Hardcore on Bleeding Hollow -- one second the guy's power went out, the next he decided he was done with World of Warcraft forever. They were in Naxx at the time, and we hear they finished off the instance minus a healer anyway.
  • Rumor has it that Has Big Natural Crits on Arygos got their name changed, because a few people in the guild made someone else on the realm very unhappy. They're not on the Armory any more, but was it just a name change or an actual banhammer strike?
  • Saiyanwarior of Unholy Knights on Draka apparently lifted the Ashes of Al'ar -- we hear that even before the raid on vent (before everyone had showed up), he claimed the drop for himself. But vengeance on Draka goes fast -- not a few minutes after the drop happened, Saiyan was being called out for ninja-ing on the forums and in the Trade chat. To add insult to injury, our tipster tells us that Unholy Knights has a strange loot policy: apparently it's Saiyan and his brother Devillmaycry first, and everyone else after them.
  • This one's funny -- Dogglehop got kicked from Asylum over on Aerie Peak, and then tried to trash an original member of the guild for supposedly switching characters even when other people were trying to gear up. Turns out the original member only switched characters, he didn't switch roles, and Dogglehop got kicked because apparently he wasn't very good. And oh yeah: he tried to trash the guild on an alt... but forgot to change his signature. Nice move!
  • Hyperion Order and The Round Table of Hydraxis-A have merged. They celebrated by getting a 40-man raid together and going after the Horde cities. The new guild, still called The Round Table, now has 98 level 80 toons, 72 of which are already geared, and they've already cleared everything but 25-man Malygos.
  • Ninja alert: Hunter Jencko of The Kings Knights needed the Helm of Cheated Fate while there was a Rogue in the group.
  • Keko of Ragnaros gets attacked for not giving a Hunter loot just because he wasn't playing well, and he steps back up to defend his position. We're split on this one -- yes, if you don't help the raid, you shouldn't get loot. But on the other hand, if that's the case, why roll at all? If Keko really wanted to pass out loot according to how he judged the raid, he should have said that up front -- and we're betting many of the PuGgers wouldn't have joined in the first place. To make a judgment like that after the roll has gone down is wrong.
  • What's the best thing to do after you decide to split from a big guild like Perfektion on Dragonblight? Air their dirty laundry all over the forums, of course. The guild responds on page 4, and whoever this Imperfekt guy is should become a politician -- he says it was just a joke, that he completely condemns the act, and that "we will do what we can to earn back that trust." You're not running for office, dude -- your guild exploited. Kick the people who did it and move on if you think it's so wrong.
  • We can't really figure out what this guy is saying -- apparently they haven't invented paragraphs in his country yet -- but we do know that Spartanz on Aegwynn is falling apart after a core raider revolt and an attempted bank ninja.
  • Finally, we posted about Tankserious last week, and then this appeared on YouTube: Leave Tankserious ALONE! Hilarious.
  • Focus of Fenris got delayed by RL issues, but they've now cleared Naxx 10, and Malygos will be going down very soon. They're still trying to fill out a second 10-man group and get the 25-man group up and running: they need healers of all kinds, Shadow Priests, and ranged DPS to a lesser degree.
  • Abaddon on Sentinels-A achieved a server first and defeated Patchwerk in under 3 minutes, with the help of only 4 healers.
  • Confused and Irrational on Steamwheedle Cartel-H two-shooted Sapphiron the other week, and after much wiping, finished off Kel'Thuzad also. Grats! They're seeking ranged DPS to round out the raid, also.
  • Amicitia of EU Earthen Ring cleared all of Naxxramas in just four weeks of raiding. Not bad for a casual raidforce, they say. Next up, they were headed to OS and the Eye of Eternity.
  • Trotters Traders Ltd, the "casually casual" guild from EU Quel'Thalas cleared Naxx 10. They're heading into Heroic Naxx next.
  • Ludicrous Speed of Darkspear successfully downed 10-man Sarthation 3D. Grats!
  • Ká-Tet of the Vek'nilash server has not only downed Sarth +1 Drake on Heroic, they have also downed Heroic Malygos. Grats to Vylaros on the Azure Drake with a perfect 100 roll.
  • Random Violence on EU Darkspear finally cleared Sunwell Plateau. Even though a Hunter's pet ninja-pulled Brutallus. I'm not going to lie -- I've been there with my Hunter.
  • Clan Drop Bears of Khaz'goroth has downed Sartharion 3D Heroic -- and they've put Sarth 3D normal on notice. They're also recruiting.
  • Admiral Ackbar Cereal, a 10-man only guild on Bronzebeard downed 10-man Malygos on their second night in there. They've also cleared Naxx, OS, VA and are headed next to Sartharion+1!
  • Paradigm Shift on Thrall-H completed their first full clear of Heroic Naxx, as well as 10 man Eye of Eternity. They're looking for a repeat soon.
  • WICKED on Eredar-H cleared Naxx 25 and Malygos 10 for the first time a few weeks ago. They lay claim to being the largest and oldest GLBT PVP guild.
  • Shadow Knights on Laughing Skull-H cleared 25-man Naxx with no issues. They're moving on to Malygos this week.
  • Pew Pew Bunnies EU of Anachronos-H are finished with 10-man content (except OS with drakes). They're taking on Naxx 25 and Sarth 3D next. They're also recruiting Priests of all kinds and resto Shamans.
  • After barely 24 hours of existence, And Then I Woke Up of Azgalor-A cleared two full wings of Heroic Naxx in the first week, went up to Thaddius the next week, and then went up to Sapph the next. Sarth and Drakes is also getting tackled, and they're recruiting experienced healers, tanks, and ranged DPS.
  • Balance of Judgement on EU Darkmoon Faire-A toppled up to Sapphiron the other week, clearing Construct and Military for the first time. Sapphiron didn't drop yet, though, so he's on notice for next time.
  • Jinxed of Cho'gall cleared 10-man Sarth 3D after multiple sessions of grueling attempts. They're apparently the only Horde guild left after transfers on the server that's able to do it. And they're leaving, apparently: they say "/AFK till Ulduar."
  • Devotion on Bronzebeard-A did their first one-night clear of Naxx 10 a little while ago. They've now cleared all 10-man content except Malygos. They don't have the makeup for a full 25-man yet, but they're teaming up with another guild and should have some content down already.
  • Hyperion, a Horde guild on EU Azjol-Nerub downed Sarth 3D last night for a Horde server first. They've now completed all Heroic content in the game. They're also recruiting a Death Knight tank as well.
  • Fluffy Bunnies on Staghelm is as casual as you get -- no scheduled raids, no DKP -- and they just cleared out 10-man Naxx. They sent us a tip, they said, just to show that "you don't have to sell your soul to a raid schedule to do endgame." Very true.
  • Totem Totem Totem on Bleeding Hollow downed Naxxramas in two days without a single wipe on any of the bosses! A couple of people died on Hegian (due to lag), but very well done. They're also recruiting -- check the website for more info.
  • SelfDefending Networkers of Eonar-A downed Malygos normal on their first attempt ever, with only two members who have completed Naxx in the raid, and only three people over 2k DPS. They're putting EoE on farm starting next week even before the guild as a whole heads into Naxx proper.
  • They Might Be Giants on EU Dragonblight has cleared 25-man Naxx. Guild leader Kattie gets a shoutout for her ability to lead while keeping everything fun.
  • Total Mayhem on Whisperwind cleared 10-man Naxx for the first time. They're just over a month old and is looking forward to tackling Eye of Eternity next.
  • Priory on Sen'Jin-A is looking for raiders -- they're a hardcore raiding guild full of casual players, they say: they want enough people to raid the highest content but not so few that members lose their lives to do it. They've got two of the Naxx 25 wings on farm with about 18-20 people, and have done OS 25 with only 15. If you want to raid, but don't want to lose your job because you do, look them up.
  • Conquest on EU Anachronos is a rather new and small, fun, casual, raiding guild. They are looking for level 70+ players to strengthen the team and to get ready for some raiding. They especially need healers and more DPS.
  • Serpent Fury on EU Ghostlands is looking for more casual raiders to have a good time with in 10-mans and help progress through the 25-man content. They're an extremely good natured guild with mature adult members and leaders they consider to be the best on the server. Any class is welcome, but we're told that more tanks wouldn't hurt, either.
  • Inner Sanctum on Gorgonnash-A is recruiting for a 25-man Naxx and OS. They are short on healers and ranged DPS, and are especially looking for Shadow and Holy Priests. All interested players regardless of spec are encourged to apply. They raid on Fridays and Sundays.
  • The Blackmoonz of EU Aggramar are recruiting -- they currently have cleared all four quarters of 10-man Naxx and the Frostwyrm Lair is on notice. They're seeking healers, tanks, and DPS to join their current crew. Please be mature, but ready to have a laugh.
  • Feles Risor on EU Moonglade-A is a raiding community (so you don't have to leave your current guild) that needs a few more for 25-mans. They've cleared two wings of Naxx, Sartharion, and VoA with just 19 people, but they need more, so join up if interested.
  • Aggro Nation of Ysera-A has been around for over a year, so they know that you always serve drinks with cake! They're casual, but progression is a big deal, so they raid consistently. Please be 21+ and ready to go.
  • Mirage, an Alliance raiding guild on the Alleria server, is looking for a few good healers and ranged DPS. They have cleared all 25man content and downed Sartherion with two drakes. Raid nights are Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday and Sunday. Hit up the website for more info or to join.
  • Trinity Guild on EU Nordrassil-A server is recruiting all classes but especially healers due to a few regulars having sabbaticals. They're almost done with Heroic Naxx, and anyone joining the guild might just get to hear their guildies sing. Quite an offer, no?
  • Apotheosis, an Alliance guild on Eldre'Thalas, is looking for reliable and skilled raiders to fill out raids. They need a full-time Rogue, DPS Feral Druid, Shadow Priest, and a healer or two -- a Holy Pally and a Holy Priest. They're full on tanks, and DKP was wiped for Wrath, so you can join up and help finish clearing the content.
  • Evolutions Path on Zangarmarsh-H is looking for 6-8 raid ready players to round out a 25 man raiding team. They also have a full clear on Naxx normal and are 12/15 on Heroic Naxx.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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