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How well is the DTV switch going? Depends who you ask


A day into what could have been the all digital broadcasting future, it's hard to tell how the switch is going over. So far the National Association of Broadcasters came out with a statement indicating "encouraging" results, with only a few hundred calls logged in several markets that made the switch to all digital and easy over the phone fixes for most issues. At the same time the AP found confusion caused by print ads scheduled prior to the delay containing out of date information and visited a Rhode Island information center with phones ringing off the hook from callers trying to figure out where their analog TV went. Until things blow over we're not leaving the fortified and cable / satellite / FiOS connected Engadget bunker (you didn't think we were letting that CES trailer go just yet, did you?) until things blow over, let us know how the partially analog TV free world looks where you are.

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