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Neo hands-on with MWC lineup


UK and Dubai-based neo is at MWC this week with a collection of handsets giving us a peek into the now and what the company plans for the future. We take a few minutes with neo's Senior VP, Amjad Ali as he walks us through the ins and out of the tiny 808i, the neo Ellipse, the neo Steel, neo Flip, and the up and coming neo 909. The Ellipse and the 909 are the standouts in the group, what with the really slick design of the Ellipse and the potential Androidness and maybe even 3G coming to the potential redesign of the 909. These sets all live in Asian markets now and that's well reflected in the pricing and features, but we're always enthused to see folks making a solid effort to bring something interesting to the lower-end market. Follow on for a gallery of the sets and a video hands-on interview.

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