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Nintendo and Activision to be most profitable in 2009, survey says


Over 300 industry professionals have cast their votes to predict the most profitable game companies of 2009 in the "first ever" Network Survey. Their answers weren't nearly as exciting, however, with Nintendo garnering a predictable 54.4 percent of the vote to be selected as top platform manufacturer. Nintendo systems do print money, after all.

Similarly, the selection of Activision Blizzard (with 30.6 percent of the vote) to be the publisher most likely to dive into a pool of gold coins comes as little surprise. Activison Blizzard owns gaming's Automatic Money Generator©, World of Warcraft, along with perennial mega-franchises like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero.

For a more detailed breakdown of the poll results, head past the break.

Most Successful Platform Holder in 2009

  • Nintendo: 54.4%
  • Microsoft: 24.4%
  • Sony: 16.2%
  • Don't know: 4.9%

Most Successful Publisher in 2009

  • Activision Blizzard: 30.6 %
  • Nintendo: 20.7%
  • Electronic Arts: 19.7%
  • Ubisoft: 8.1%
  • Capcom: 4.1%
  • Others: 9.8%

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