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Nvidia and Intel at odds over chipset license agreement


We don't wish to bore you with our extensive knowledge of integrated memory controllers or graphicular renderpipe cashays, so we'll simply leap to the core of this computer matter. Nvidia has responded to an Intel court filing, which alleges that a 2004 chipset licensing agreement between the two companies does not extend to Intel's future generation CPUs -- you know, the ones with integrated memory controllers.

Nvidia has deemed this movement counter to the prior agreement, with president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang saying, "We are confident that our license, as negotiated, applies." He sees it as a brewing power struggle, labeling his own company as the major innovator and Intel as attempting to "stifle innovation to protect a decaying CPU business." Nvidia claims that it has been attempting to settle matters outside of the court for over a year. Good luck to whatever judge has to decide which hardware giant has the bigger chip on its solder, eh? EH?

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