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DICE 09: Capcom delivers its ten commandments (of development)


Though we expected the list to start out with something obvious, like, "Thou shalt never speak of Dino Crisis 3 again," Capcom's ten commandments of development are more aimed at the business side of the gaming industry. Speaking at the ongoing DICE summit in Las Vegas, Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi shed some light on the Japanese publisher's demonstrable success in reaching Western audiences.

The ten rules, captured by MTV Multiplayer, highlight the importance of carefully managing development costs (Rule #3: Keep development cost fluctuation within 10 percent), man power (Rule #1: Keep staff turnover below 10 percent per annum) and prudent handling of new IP (Rule #4: Investment in new IP needs to be kept within 20 percent of total development budget). Oh, Rule #10 is a good one: Don't set unachievable targets.

Let's hope that's the end of Capcom's attempts to make a good Resident Evil lightgun game.

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