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GameStop sales reach $8.8b in 2008


In what is undoubtedly the next step toward enslaving all humanity, GameStop has reported a 24 percent increase in year-over-year sales to $8.8 billion in 2008, making the $7.1 billion it earned in 2007 seem rather pedestrian. But before the company begins rounding us up and placing explosive collars around our necks, it'll need to increase profits in 2009 by a bit more ...

And GameStop expects to do just that, projecting a sales increase between 10 and 12 percent this year. GameStop expects to raise store sales growth between 4 and 6 percent and will open 400 new stores worldwide this year. Our suggestion to you: Start stockpiling food and weapons and prepare for the coming war -- GameStop should be able to employ its mercenary army by early 2013.

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