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Killzone developer mentions co-op DLC


Yes, Killzone 2 is a great game. But you know what would make it even greater? Co-op. Those that play the single-player adventure soon realize that the computer AI partners aren't up to snuff -- a "human" squad-mate would be a much better ally in the fight against the Helghast ... or is it: the Helghast's fight against you ...

Producer Angie Smets talked about post-release DLC on the European PlayStation site. She notes that split-screen co-op had to be axed due to the overwhelming graphical demands of the game. However, the team at Guerrilla Games is looking into what they can do once the game is out to the public. "We're investigating [co-op] now for downloadable content," she says. "We're looking at what would be the nicest possible things for downloadable content. We've already started on maps ... we're not allowed to talk about anything else unfortunately!"

Additional maps for the multiplayer mode are a must, given today's necessity for multiplayer DLC. However, we're most hoping for some kind of co-op mode. Guerilla Games offered some game-changing updates to its PSP game, Killzone Liberation -- we're hopinng the team will be able to follow suit for Killzone 2.

[Via Co-Optimus]

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