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Nielsen: Wii audience is youngest, PS3 audience is oldest


According to a recent console usage report compiled between October and December of last year by Nielsen Media Research, the Wii appeals to quite the broad spectrum of people, being especially popular among boys age 6 -11 and women age 25 - 34. Most interesting is the Wii's ability to captivate the older women audience, as the console's use by women over 35 is much higher than that of the Wii's competition. And they're apparently playing Wii Fit, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, games cited as favorites among that group.

Of course, as much as the younger audience and older women flock to Wii, it still has trouble captivating that coveted 18 - 24 demographic, where the Xbox 360 and PS3 fare a lot better. For Microsoft's Xbox 360, the group getting their game on the most is males aged 12-17, and females aged 25-34. The PS3, it would seem, has the oldest male audience locked down, as the report notes that gamers who may have owned a PSOne or PS2 in the past "may have 'graduated' to the PS3 in their assumed adulthood." For both males and females, the highest usage came from the 18 - 24 group.

As far as average playtime, the Wii trailed behind the others. On the Xbox 360 side, males used the console almost twice as much as females (10.2 vs. 5.4 in December), whereas usage between genders on the PS3 and Wii was much more balanced.

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