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One Shots: An EVE easter egg

Space is a funny thing - you never really know what you'll run across when flying around out there. Sure, you might spot wreckage (especially in EVE Online) or old technology left scattered about, but this is perhaps one of the first true easter eggs we've had sent in to us. It comes to us from Deng Ful, who found this strange black monolith while flying a mission in Ashi. My Gallente drone-mistress, Deng Ful, came across this relic from another science-fiction universe deep in a mission pocket the other day. The only information given on it, appropriately enough, is "It's full of stars".
If you've found an easter egg in your favorite game, why not send it in? One Shots is in need of your screenshots! Send them to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Add your name, the game it's from (guild, server and description welcome too) and you're all done. From there, we'll post it out here for everyone to enjoy.

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