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Red Xbox 360 Elite mentioned in MS press release


In a quest to end the bitterness between the Xbox 360 and the color red, Microsoft appears to be reconciling the two in a new Xbox 360 Elite SKU. The unannounced product has stumbled into the public eye much in the same way that many of Microsoft's secrets do -- first a rumor, then a retailer inventory listing and then an innocent mention in a New Zealand-bound press release.

Alright, maybe that last one doesn't quite adhere to the formula, but according to Kotaku, an MS New Zealand promotion for the upcoming release of Halo Wars -- buy a 360, get a free copy of the game! -- explicitly excluded "the Red Xbox 360 Elite console which is exclusive to EB games." You know, that one that hasn't been announced, and that certainly won't be announced "at this time."

Though mention of the system has been stricken from the online version of the press release, we'd be immensely disappointed if the system, whether tied to Resident Evil 5 or not, failed to make an appearance. We can't let all these Red Rig of Death jokes go to waste!

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